BINGO and similars

BINGO has synergies with other projects designed to measure BAOS using optical and infrared detected galaxies as tracers, eg the pioneer work with SDSS-DR3 or the more recent BOSS project, typically containing hundreds of thousands of galaxies, the number increasing in the near future.

SKA has been designed and built to measure  HI at different angular scales.  In phase I  SKA will participate in HI intensity mapping experiments, however, it will take a decade before the data release.

BAO Hubble Diagram: distance-redshift relation from different BAO measurements, adapted from Anderson et al 2012. The redshift probed by the different HI intensity mapping radio projects is marked: BINGO 0.13-0.48, Tianlai 0-3 CHIME 0.8-2.5

There two radio projects focus in BAO and using HI intensity mapping: CHIME in Canada and Tianlai in China. Both are interferometers and, for that reason, more suitable for higher z studies, as they have the needed high resolution power. BINGO, CHIME and Tianlai are complementary, covering a broad redshift range.