and what if invisible waves could help to investigate dark energy?


The Universe is expanding at this moment, and is doing it at an accelerated rate, the origin of such behaviour still to be fully understood. In the standard cosmological model, the origin is related with the “dark energy”, an energy first responsible for overtaking the attractor power of dark matter, resulting in an accelerated expansion of the Universe.

BINGO project is about constraining the values of the acceleration rate, by measuring the size of the baryon acoustic oscillations (BAO) along the time, and from that  progress in the knowledge of dark energy.

For this BINGO will be using a new technique called intensity mapping. In a more technical language, the goal is to measure the power spectrum of the 21 cm spatial distribution. Differences of that angular scale, measured by the distribution of matter at a given z, help to constrain the parameters of the model of the Universe.

BINGO has synergies with other projects designed to measure BAO using optical and infrared detected galaxies as tracers. BINGO will operate in the radio band, the main aim to detect atomic hydrogen, the most abundant element of the Universe, and therefore an excellent tracer of matter.

BINGO in a nutshell

  • main goal to detect BAO at an accuracy of 2%
  • as a transient telescope should detect Fast Radio Bursts at a rate of 1/week
  • it is a precursor of HI intensity mapping for SKA
  • it is complementary to the high-z projects CHIME and Tianlai
  • located at
  • international consortium:
  • construction begins in 2017 and first light foreseen in 2019